Working With An Immigration Attorney

Working With An Immigration Attorney

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Kennyhertz Presents to Entrepreneurs on Legal Considerations for Start-Ups

Given his unique experience working in-house with emerging companies, John Kennyhertz was asked to present before the FastTrac NewVenture class at the University of Missouri – Kansas City on April 22. The class comprises owners of 20 start-up companies in a variety of industries with varying degrees of business savvy and financial wherewithal. Kennyhertz provided the class

Employee Pension Programs

Employee Pension Programs

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What If I Am Arrested but Didn’t Commit a Crime?

What If I Am Arrested but Didn’t Commit a Crime?

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Firm Opens Office on the Plaza

Kennyhertz Perry is pleased to announce that the growth of the firm has led to an office location change — we have moved to the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Mo. The move to a larger space in a more prominent location allows us to better serve our growing client base. The firm’s new address is

Kennyhertz Talks Start-Ups at KU

John Kennyhertz had the opportunity to discuss business entities and intellectual property with aspiring entrepreneurial students at the University of Kansas School of Business last month. Kennyhertz provided the students with thoughtful answers to questions such as, “What are the biggest legal issues small businesses face during the start-up phase?” and “Which business entity do

Institutional Investor Seeks Perry for Comment on Bitcoin Regulation

Kennyhertz Perry’s Braden Perry provided insight and background into the possible regulation of the virtual currency Bitcoin in an article recently published by Institutional Investor. In the article, Perry explains that even the U.S. government has accepted the idea of a virtual currency: A little over a year ago, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network provided

Perry Cited in Kansas City Star

Providing his point of view in a March op-ed article in the Kansas City Star, Braden Perry counters the notion that the virtual currency Bitcoin is a bubble about to burst. The article discusses the capricious nature of Bitcoin and the author, Steve Paul, admits he is a cynic when it comes to the virtual

Kennyhertz Perry’s Braden Perry Shares Corporate Compliance Expertise

i-Sight, a global leader in case management software for corporate investigations, turned to Kennyhertz Perry’s Braden Perry on a critical compliance issue. The company featured Perry’s knowledge on heightened disclosure requirements in an article that offered business leaders advice on reporting employee misconduct. The article stated that because mandatory reporting obligations vary according to the

A Big Week for Bitcoin

pressLast week, FinCEN issued two administrative rulings clarifying that certain Bitcoin participants do not constitute money service businesses (MSBs) under the BSA.  The rulings furthered the guidance issued by FinCEN last March, which excluded from the definition of MSB users that obtain convertible virtual currency and use such convertible virtual currency to purchase real or virtual goods or services. In the Guidance, FinCEN established Users are not MSBs because they are not engaged in money transmission services.

Entrepreneur KC Radio Features Kennyhertz Perry’s Emphasis on Serving Startups

KMBZ’s Entrepreneur KC Radio recently featured the Kennyhertz Perry’s emphasis on serving entrepreneurs as they endeavor to establish and grow their businesses. As an attorney who serves the start-up community, Partner John Kennyhertz discussed a range of issues relevant to new companies including challenges faced with establishing capital, deciding how and where to form a