Perry Discusses Potential CFTC Leadership Changes with National Law Journal

J. Christopher Giancarlo, a Republican Commissioner of the CFTC, and potentially the next leader of the Commission hasn’t hesitated to dissent from fellow commissioners. That is the sentiment of Kennyhertz Perry partner Braden Perry said in a recent National Law Journal article. Perry, a former CFTC Senior Trial Attorney stated, “He’s been more of a pro-industry commissioner as opposed to some of the other commissioners who have pursued with vigor the Dodd-Frank consumer-protection provisions.”

Dodd-Frank has created numerous rules and regulations within the CFTC in recent year and, Perry said, “[y]ou might see some of the rules and regulations that are under consideration or have been already approved be rolled back under Giancarlo’s leadership.”

Perry, as part of Kennyhertz Perry’s Commodities, Futures, and Derivatives practice group, advises clients on a wide range of commodities and derivatives regulatory matters, and works with companies on compliance with the complex laws and regulations governing the securities and derivatives industries.

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The Importance of a Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Kennyhertz Perry Partner Braden Perry was featured in Bluelock’s recent whitepaper, discussing the importance of a cybersecurity and disaster recovery plans. Perry said, “In the event of a malicious attack, a company should have systems in place to keep operational or at least backups where the company is not affected or very slightly affected. In the event of a total disruption of the business, it is too late to mitigate and you will likely see dramatic costs to the business, especially small or mid-sized businesses. Being proactive rather than reactive is the key.”

Perry’s comments not only show the importance of a proactive plan, but a disaster recovery procedure if a disruption of business occurs. As a member of the Kennyhertz Perry’s Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Breach Management practice group, Perry assists clients in prevention, developing robust information security programs, including administering internal compliance and risk assessments, which include the development and implementation of corporate policies and procedures required for compliance with state and federal privacy and security laws, and information security best practices; information security policies; records retention and management policies.