Does My Startup Need a Lawyer? 

We have all heard stories about a startup that received millions of dollars from an angel investor or a VC firm and then sold their company for even more millions and lived happily ever after, right?

As business lawyers who have decades of experience counseling entrepreneurs, we are here to help you. We are here to make sure you are prepared and protected – to help you deal with the real day-to-day challenges startups face.  We are also here to help you reach your goals of making millions of dollars doing what you love.

Unfortunately, so many of our startup clients come to us too late. Some of the smartest people we represent have been proactive by taking the first steps towards starting a business, but they have not been proactive in finding a lawyer to help them do it the right way. Below are three areas we focus on during an initial consultation with a startup.

Entrepreneurs: Please Hire an Attorney…Even If It’s Not Us

Entrepreneurs: Please Hire an Attorney…Even If It’s Not Us.

When Entrepreneurs set out to build their business they frequently do so in a vacuum and with the excitement of starting something new.  More often than not, they fail to consider potential legal issues they are facing now and down the road, most of which they cannot anticipate during the early stages of forming an entity.