Blockworks Quotes Braden Perry in Fantasy Startup Investing NFT Marketplace Shutdown Article

Blockworks Quotes Braden Perry in Fantasy Startup Investing NFT Marketplace Shutdown Article

Braden Perry, among other experts, was quoted in a recent Blockworks article discussing the legal complexities to Visionrare’s temporary shutdown less than 24 hours into its beta launch. Visionrare, comparable to a fantasy sports league, is a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace that enables users to bet and buy fake shares of startups. However, Visionrare was temporarily shut down less than 24 hours into the beta launch of its core product, TechCrunch, resulting in criticism and pushback over this new platform.

Braden Perry, a former CFTC enforcement attorney and a partner at Kennyhertz Perry, commented on the issue stating that when users must pay for a virtual investment it “adds massive regulatory complexity and scrutiny.”

“When you start charging retail customers for a product, traditional theories of fairness and deception are in play. Visionrare was using ‘virtual’ stocks from real companies without their approval, which asks for legal challenges,” Perry told Blockworks. “[Purchasing] fake shares in any company can only lead to confusion, with the potential for wrongdoing on many levels.”

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