Braden Perry Discusses ICO Regulation and the SEC

Braden Perry, a former federal enforcement attorney who is now a regulatory and government investigations attorney with Kennyhertz Perry, discussed the complex issue of Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) compliance and the SEC’s recent regulatory crackdown with Forbes.

“The regulatory treatment is still unclear for cryptocurrency, including at the ICO stage.” He continues,  “It seems as if every federal regulatory agency has chimed in on cryptocurrency, but none have taken the lead. The CFPB, SEC, and CFTC have all taken some action, but the legal space is still very confusing. To be the first ‘SEC-compliant’ ICO would currently require the information and disclosures required by an IPO, and the undertaking involved is extraordinarily complex.”,” he said.

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About Braden Perry

Braden Perry is a litigation, regulatory and government investigations attorney with Kennyhertz Perry, LLC. Mr. Perry has the unique tripartite experience of a white-collar criminal defense and government compliance, investigations, and litigation attorney at a national law firm; a senior enforcement attorney at a federal regulatory agency; and the Chief Compliance Officer/Chief Regulatory Attorney of a global financial institution. Mr. Perry has extensive experience advising clients in government inquiries and investigations, particularly in enforcement matters involving emerging or novel issues. He couples his technical knowledge and experience defending clients in front of federal agencies with a broad-based understanding of compliance from an institutional and regulatory perspective.

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