Braden Perry’s Bitcoin expertise highlighted in financial media

Braden Perry was quoted as an authority on Bitcoin in a Minyanville article. The article, titled “What Bitcoin Arbitrage Can Teach Us About the Crypto-Currency,” analyzed the Bitcoin market.

In the article, Perry said he saw similarities between the early Forex trading market and Bitcoin markets. “Forex essentially started the same way, and it has become automated to the point that it’s an extremely efficient system and people can do millions of transactions instantaneously to capture small spreads at a large scale. Right now on Forex it’s efficient to do that,” Perry said in Minyanville, a national, Emmy Award-winning financial news source.

Kennyhertz Perry has embraced Bitcoin, a digital form of currency. As part of the firm’s efforts to support clients including entrepreneurs and small businesses, the firm accepts Bitcoin as client payment. In addition, the firm represents a client in the Bitcoin industry.


Kennyhertz Perry is a business and litigation law firm that focuses on servicing entrepreneurs and small businesses as outside general counsel. John Kennyhertz and Braden Perry founded the Prairie Village, Kansas, firm.