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The stakes in collegiate sports, both on and off the field, have never been higher.  In addition, the number of legal issues arising from the sponsorship and governance of collegiate sports teams is growing at a rapid pace.  These two factors make it imperative that universities, conferences, and governing bodies have experienced outside counsel that not only understands the legal and compliance issues present in today’s college sports environment and the unique characteristics of collegiate sports but also has experience in resolving high-stakes disputes.

Kennyhertz Perry’s collegiate sports attorneys are ideally suited for this role.  They have represented universities, conferences, and governing bodies in a wide variety of high-profile litigation and transactional matters.  These matters have included, among others, challenges to the legality of NCAA bylaws, assistance with conference realignment matters, litigation relating to coaching changes and buyouts, negotiation and litigation relating to conference broadcast agreements, resolution of intellectual property issues, name, image, and likeness agreements, NIL collectives, drafting and negotiating sponsorship contracts and license agreements, assisting with objections to open records requests, Title IX analysis, and concussion litigation.

The firm’s lawyers also have experience working as government attorneys and compliance officers for highly regulated industries.  As a result of this experience, Kennyhertz Perry’s college sports lawyers have a rare combination of extensive experience working on collegiate sports law matters and the investigatory, compliance, and advocacy skills that are currently necessary for the successful representation of the organizations involved in college sports today.

Further distinguishing Kennyhertz Perry’s college sports attorneys from other outside counsel is the presence of attorney Mit Winter, a former Division I basketball player who has assisted numerous collegiate sports organizations with their legal issues.  Mit Winter played basketball at The College of William & Mary and has represented organizations such as the University of Kansas, the Big 12 Conference, Conference USA, and the NCAA in collegiate sports law matters. Mit is regarded as an expert in collegiate sports law and frequently writes on legal issues that apply to college sports.

Mit is also the founder and chairman of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s Sports and Entertainment Law Committee and serves as Regional Captain in the states of Kansas and Missouri for the Sports Lawyers Association’s (“SLA”) Outreach Committee.

Services available

  • NCAA and NAIA Regulatory Compliance
  • NCAA Investigations
  • NCAA Enforcement
  • NCAA and NAIA Related Sports Litigation Matters
  • NCAA Rules Infractions Cases
  • Representation before the NCAA Committee on Infractions and NCAA Infractions Appeals Committee
  • NCAA Investigations
  • Counsel on name, image, and likeness laws and regulations
  • Title IX Compliance
  • Head Coach Responsibility Obligations
  • “For Cause” Termination: Investigatory and Due Process Considerations
  • Effective Compliance with Athlete-Agent Laws and Regulations
  • Grievance Advice and Arbitration
  • Day-to-Day Advice and Counsel
  • Contract and Compensation Matters
  • Legal Planning and Risk Management in the Drafting and Amendment of Coach and Athletics Administration Personnel Employment Contracts
  • Sponsorship Agreements and Contracts
  • Merchandise Licensing Agreements and Contracts
  • Conference Broadcast Agreements
  • Multi-Media Negotiation
  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Drug Testing Policies and Procedures
  • Safety and Health
  • Student-Athlete Concussion Litigation
  • Challenges to the Legality of NCAA Bylaws
  • Conference Realignment
  • Intellectual Property Issue Resolution
  • Objections to Open Records Requests
  • Crisis Management
  • NCAA Legislation and Policy Consideration



A college athlete’s need for an experienced attorney has never been higher.  From assistance with eligibility, scholarship, and transfer issues, to advice and representation relating to the newly emerging name, image, and likeness (NIL) laws and legislation, college athletes often need an attorney to advocate on their behalf and to assist and advise on these types of issues during an important time in their life.

The team at Kennyhertz Perry is uniquely suited to guide college athletes through all of these types of issues with respect to the multitude of rules and laws set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the National Federation of High School Athletic Associations (NFHSAA), universities, and states.

The attorneys at Kennyhertz Perry all have years of experience advocating for clients in high-stakes matters and advising them on related issues.  In addition, and most importantly, attorney Mit Winter is a former Division I scholarship basketball player with extensive experience working on collegiate athletics legal matters.  Mit has the first-hand experience in understanding the pressures and demands faced by college athletes both on and off the field and has represented college athletes in a variety of matters in his practice.

Based on his experience as a college athlete and his sports law background, Mit is recognized as a leading college athlete name, image, and likeness lawyer and is sought out by clients and the media for his expertise in this emerging area of law.  As a name, image, and likeness attorney, Mit is uniquely suited to assist and advise athletes, universities, and other clients with legal matters surrounding name, image, and likeness opportunities and businesses.  Those seeking the counsel of an experienced NIL attorney are benefitted greatly from the combination of Mit’s experience as a Division I college basketball player and his extensive sports law and business law background.  This combination makes Mit a uniquely qualified NIL lawyer who can ensure that an athlete’s best interests are being served, while also making sure universities and businesses are in compliance with NIL laws and policies.

Mit is widely regarded as an expert in collegiate sports law and frequently writes on these legal issues.  Most recently, Mit has become known as an expert on name, image, and likeness (NIL) rights for college athletes and is often sought out by the media to comment on recent developments in this area.   He is also the founder and chairman of the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association’s Sports and Entertainment Law Committee and serves as a Regional Captain in the states of Kansas and Missouri for the Sports Lawyers Association’s (“SLA”) Outreach Committee.

Kennyhertz Perry’s college sports practice provides representation to those who are seeking an attorney with the expertise to advise them on the myriad legal concerns prevalent in college athletics today.  Consisting of accomplished lawyers with extensive, diverse, and hands-on experience in the sports world, our college athlete lawyers can provide assistance on a broad array of issues including:


  • NCAA Student-Athlete Sports Litigation
  • NCAA Athlete Internal Administrative Proceedings and Investigations
  • NCAA Transfer Cases
  • Defense of Transfer and Release Rights
  • Transfer Portal & Waiver Issues
  • College Athlete Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)Laws and Legislation
  • Negotiation of NIL deals and agreements
  • Counseling on compliance with NIL laws and school policies
  • Initial-Eligibility Certifications
  • NCAA Eligibility Issues
  • Guidance On Eligibility
  • NCAA Enforcement
  • NCAA Rules Infractions Issues
  • Title IX Issues
  • Drug Test Appeals
  • Drug Testing Issues in Relation to Internal School Testing and Testing Conducted Directly by the NCAA through Drug-Free Sport
  • Hardship Appeals
  • Scholarships
  • Improper Reduction or Withdrawal of Scholarship (Grant in Aid) Funds
  • Academic Issues
  • Student-Athlete Reinstatement Cases
  • Waiver Requests
  • Athlete Endorsements and Marketing Concerns
  • Amateurism Concerns
  • College Athlete & Licensing Matters
  • International Athlete Eligibility
  • Agent Selection, Draft preparation, & Pre-Professional advice
  • Gender Equity
  • Hazing & Harassment
  • FHSAA and NCAA Based Appeals
  • Wrongful Team/School/NCAA Suspensions And/Or Dismissals
  • Advocacy in Internal Administrative Proceedings and Investigations


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