Intellectual Property

Ideas, expressive content, logos, trade names, brand identification, trade secrets, manufacturing processes, “know-how,” music, art – all of these key business assets are manifested as intellectual property and all of them are crucial to the success of your business. We are pragmatic, capable, creative and experienced in finding opportunities and mechanisms to leverage and protect your intellectual property. Some examples of our services include:

·         Trademark Counseling and Registration

·         Copyright Counseling and Registration

·         Protection of Trade Secrets

·         Exploration of patent potential and facilitation of patent application.

·         Licensing of all intellectual property rights.

·         Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.

·         Negotiation and drafting of agreements involving intellectual property rights (such as technology development, branding cooperation agreements, manufacturing, outsourcing, and private label agreements).

·         Endorsement contracts.

·         Music, art, literary matters.

·         Litigation and counseling relating to all of the above.

We value our creative and innovative clients and appreciate that intellectual property and freedom of operation from intellectual property claims is at the heart of their businesses. We strongly believe that intellectual property needs to be demystified so that our clients can make good business decisions with regard to their most important business assets. You provide the spark, your vision and your business goal and we provide understandable and practical options to leverage and protect your intellectual assets to achieve your vision.