Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a field unlike any other. Although legal for medical purposes in a majority of states, including Missouri, marijuana remains federally illegal. This creates unique challenges both for medical marijuana businesses and other businesses seeking to capitalize on the so-called “green rush.” We stay on top of the latest regulatory developments and best practices in other jurisdictions, helping our clients to minimize regulatory and legal risk in this rapidly-changing field.  We advise businesses in the following areas:

·         Applications for medical marijuana cultivation, dispensary, and manufacturing licenses;

·         Providing financial services to marijuana-related businesses;

·         Marijuana-related business entity formation;

·         Shareholder, founder and operating agreements;

·         Negotiating partnerships with companies with experience in legal marijuana markets;

·         Capital raises and startup funding;

·         Onboarding of employees and employment agreements;

·         Employee training and employment handbooks;

·         Non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-circumvention agreements;

·         Mergers and acquisitions;

·         Regulatory compliance; and

·         Intellectual property issues specific to marijuana-related businesses.

Medical marijuana is one of the most complex and highly regulated fields that there is. We take these complex regulatory schemes and provide our clients with understandable, actionable advice. Allow us to worry about the red tape so you can worry about running your business.