Tax Litigation And Tax Counseling

Kennyhertz Perry advises clients on a wide range of tax counseling and tax litigation matters.  Kennyhertz Perry has a nationwide tax litigation practice that is built upon the unique depth and breadth of experience gained by working on behalf of and against the government. Kennyhertz Perry’s tax litigation practice is led by Ben Tompkins, an attorney who worked both as a U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney and an Assistant United States attorney prosecuting civil and criminal tax cases.  Whether your tax controversy arises during an of the administrative levels with the IRS, or in a civil or criminal tax investigation or prosecution, the attorneys at Kennyhertz Perry can help.  Recognizing that one tax matter can involve both civil and criminal considerations, Kennyhertz Perry relies on its attorney’s comprehensive experience leading criminal and civil tax prosecutions and investigations for the U.S. Department of Justice to provide clients with valuable insights and practical strategies to effectively navigate and resolve their tax problems.

This experience includes civil and criminal tax matters involving a range of issues, including (i) unreported income, (ii) nonfiler enforcement, (iii) undisclosed offshore assets, (iv) tax return preparers, including complaints involving the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility, (v) employment taxes, related trust fund recovery penalties, and worker classifications, (vi) excise taxes, (vii) taxpayer, tax promoter and tax preparer penalties, (viii) IRS administrative procedures (i.e., examinations, appeals, collections and summons enforcement proceedings), (ix) IRS bankruptcy claims, federal and state tax bankruptcy dischargeability, and bankruptcy fraud, (x) valuation disputes, including family limited partnerships, conservation easements, and other property interests, (xi) hobby loss and issues related to material participation, (xii) wrongful disclosures and inspections, (xiii) cryptocurrency issues, (xiv) IRS whistleblower claims, (xv) Bank Secrecy Act compliance and (xvi) identity theft.

Whether you are under audit, have concerns that you may soon be the subject of an IRS or DOJ investigation, have received or someone close to you has received either a Grand Jury subpoena or IRS Summons, or have an interest in bringing information to the attention of the IRS as a whistleblower, let Kennyhertz Perry help.

In addition to a nationwide tax litigation practice, Kennyhertz Perry routinely advises businesses and individuals regarding tax issues that may arise in mergers, acquisitions, corporate formations, issues related to exempt organizations, and other tax issues.  The attorneys at Kennyhertz Perry can help counsel businesses and individuals to help its clients understand the tax consequences of a particular transaction, comply with any applicable federal or state tax requirements, anticipate issues that may pose IRS concern and otherwise advise exempt organizations on how to comply with the applicable rules.  Kennyhertz Perry’s tax practice also works in connection with its other practices to offer advice or recommend appropriate modifications regarding a particular transaction depending upon the applicable tax considerations.