Kennyhertz Perry’s Braden Perry Discusses the CFTC’s No-Admit, No-Deny Policy Shift

Former CFTC Trial Attorney Braden Perry recently spoke with Law360 regarding the JPMorgan settlement with the CFTC, admitting that its traders “acted recklessly.” This admission demonstrates a significant shift from the no-admit, no-deny settlements to a more aggressive stance in pushing wrongdoers for accountability.

Law360 Features Braden Perry in article “Departing CFTC Head Gensler Put Agency on the Map”

Former CFTC Trial Attorney Braden Perry recently spoke with Law360 regarding U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Gary Gensler, who has been said to be planning his withdrawal from the position at the end of the year. “Chairman Gensler came in with a mission, put his aggressive style into play and marshaled the necessary resources,”

Kennyhertz Perry Partner, Braden Perry, to Discuss Regulation S-ID with Kansas City Compliance and Legal Professionals

Kansas City, MO (July 7, 2012) –Braden Perry is slated to speak on July 25th to the Kansas City Compliance Group where he will provide the framework for the Regulation S-ID requirements, also known as the Identity Theft Red Flag Rules.

The presentation is designed for both compliance and legal personnel, and applies to any registered broker-dealer, registered investment company, registered business development company, or registered investment adviser that is a “financial institution, and will provide an overview of the provisions of the Regulation, focusing on keys to implementation and the requirements of the Regulation S-ID program.