Kansas City Business Journal highlights Kennyhertz Perry’s Bitcoin involvement

The Kansas City Business Journal featured the ways in which Kennyhertz Perry has embraced Bitcoin – an up-and-coming digital form of currency. The article, titled “KC law firm bets on the future of Bitcoin,” explained that the firm accepts Bitcoin as client payment and also reported on the firm’s representation of a client in the Bitcoin industry.

“I think just generally speaking, our willingness to accept Bitcoins is really more of a philosophy of our firm as far as supporting our clients and supporting entrepreneurial types of businesses,” John Kennyhertz said in the article. “We do a lot of work for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, from startups to innovative publicly traded companies. Our goal is to be able to do things that large law firms are unable to do a lot of times because of the bureaucracy. So when the opportunity came up to accept an alternative currency for payment for legal services it was something we jumped at.”

The firm accepts client payment through BitPay, which requires users on each end to identify themselves. In addition, the firm represents a client who works in the Bitcoin industry manufacturing computer equipment that allows people to create the currency.

“We’ve got clients from coast to coast and a few clients internationally, and so it does create or allow our clients to have different options for paying us, and sometimes just providing those options is attractive to young entrepreneurial types that are looking for legal services,” Kennyhertz said.