Kennyhertz Perry Form Law Practice ; Serving Clients in Highly Regulated Industries.

Kansas City, MO (May 20, 2013)- Two veteran Kansas City attorneys, John Kennyhertz and Braden Perry, are pleased to announce the formation of Kennyhertz Perry, LLC.  The business, litigation, and government compliance firm represents companies and individuals in highly-regulated industries, bringing a unique mix of top law firm expertise, practical experience, and pragmatic business solutions.

kennyhertz“We believe our combined strengths will significantly benefit our clients,” said Braden Perry, Co-Founder of Kennyhertz Perry, LLC. “Our focus is on the client experience, and providing sophisticated legal advice in an efficient manner, with as little impact on our clients’ day-to-day business as possible.”

Mr. Kennyhertz has spent a significant portion of his legal career responsible for the legal oversight and management of various private equity firms, as well as the risk management and compliance for the firms’ portfolios. He has extensive experience in the areas of domestic and international e-commerce; debt collection; consumer data privacy; ACH and payment systems; domestic and international online and storefront lending; MSB licensing and online lead generation. Mr. Kennyhertz has experience with Native American business transactions, tribal law, tribal corporate structure, tribal regulatory law and other emerging initiatives relating to financial services.

perryA former federal enforcement attorney and veteran in government compliance and white-collar defense, Mr. Perry has expertise in areas of compliance, internal investigations, enforcement matters, regulatory issues, various litigation matters and corporate transactions, including advising on mergers and acquisitions in highly-complex regulatory structures. Mr. Perry has a breadth of experience handling all sides of legal issues.  His background lends a rare blend of large law firm, government enforcement, and in-house experience, that uniquely qualifies him to assist the firm’s clients in prospectively avoiding litigation, providing comprehensive risk management, compliance, and assist navigating clients through regulatory examinations. In addition, Mr. Perry utilizes his knowledge and experience developed in litigation and enforcement matters to provide due diligence for clients considering strategic partnerships or acquisitions and to advise clients regarding the acquisition approval process.

Kennyhertz Perry will be supported by state-of-the-art technology, providing a broad menu of services from cost-effective solutions for electronic discovery, data management, and consulting on data environment strategies.  The firm delivers efficiencies to our clients by leveraging innovative technology with scalable temporary attorneys and paraprofessionals in a low-overhead environment.

“Kennyhertz Perry’s innovative approach to providing practical and usable legal advice has proven compelling to a growing list of clients.  We built a firm model that controls overhead, while investing in the best available resources to deliver a high-quality product to our clients,” said John Kennyhertz, co-founder of the firm.

Kennyhertz added, “We have been very pleased by our clients’ reaction to our new venture.” Each client knows exactly who they are working with, and we understand that our clients’ trust and confidence is the key to a successful engagement.  Our clients know what it takes to be successful. They need lawyers who understand and appreciate the problems, risks and issues of business ownership. We understand.”

Kennyhertz Perry is located at 7301 Mission Road in Prairie Village, Kansas.  Braden Perry can be reached at [email protected] and John Kennyhertz can be reached at [email protected].  Learn more  online at