Thinking Bigger Radio Features Kennyhertz Perry as Special Guest on Bitcoin

Kennyhertz Perry partners John Kennyhertz and Braden Perry spoke as Bitcoin experts during a program hosted by Thinking Bigger Business Media’s Smart Companies Thinking Bigger Radio.

Show host Kelly Scanlon featured Kennyhertz and Perry as guests on the show to speak about how Bitcoin works, how it’s being used and the future of the up-and-coming digital currency.

Kennyhertz Perry accepts Bitcoin payments from clients. In addition, the firm represents a client who works in the Bitcoin industry.

During the segment, titled “Bitcoin: The New Currency or Just A Flash In The Pan?” Scanlon asked Kennyhertz and Perry why they decided to accept Bitcoin. They explained that in addition to sharing in their clients’ interest in Bitcoin played a significant role. In addition to representing a manufacturer of Bitcoin mining machines, the firm focuses on assisting entrepreneurs, including publically traded companies and start-ups.

Kennyhertz Perry is a business and litigation law firm dedicated to serving entrepreneurs. The Kansas City area firm was founded by John Kennyhertz and Braden Perry, both of whom have extensive experience in business law, litigation and financial services.